Cold conclusion


To finish off Morgan’s Yorkshire challenge gold badge, he needed to camp in December. The Yorkshire challenge badges need Scouts to camp during every month of the year (and also undertake a range of challenges).

Morgan & Paul took the opportunity of camping while also volunteering at the North Yorkshire moors railway, where Morgan does his Duke of Edinburgh award volunteering.

Birch hall photos

A selection of photos from our camp at Birch hall Scout campsite near Scarborough last weekend.

Some of our (fool)hardy team braved the temperature and slept outdoors to achieve a couple of the aims of the Yorkshire challenge badge; a January night under canvas as well as the temperature being below 1 degree centigrade.

The weekend included teaching each other a “new” skill, to pass on to someone else, a session at Scarborough water park, some cerebral tasks and games and a session at York escape rooms on the way home. There was a lot of chess played (anything to do with there being no mobile phone reception?!).

Birch hall residential

Less than a week til we go away as a unit. We’re going to Birch hall Scout campsite, near Scarborough, for some team activities, a visit to a water park and an escape room.

It’s indoors, so those fearing the January weather can stay inside. But for those needing to do January under canvas for the Yorkshire challenge badge, there’ll be tents too.

We’re quite a way from towns & main roads, so there’ll be little mobile phone signal, so we’ll have an “analogue” or “retro” weekend.

Below are the 2 key pieces of pre camp information. Please can Explorers bring the signed consent forms in on Tuesday.

2019 birch hall unit residential parent information (002)

u18 consent form – birch hall residential jan 2019