Simon from Harrogate fencing club came to demonstrate fencing to both X & Y sections and everyone got several try out sessions, ending up rather warm by the end of it.

This session provided another start counting towards the master at arms section of the physical recreation badge.


A new year means a new Duke of Edinburgh’s award expedition season coming up.

This year there’ll be 2 silver and 1 bronze teams out hiking, alongside a team of Scouts doing their chief Scout’s gold award hike. Plenty of sweaty feet to look forward to!

Cold conclusion


To finish off Morgan’s Yorkshire challenge gold badge, he needed to camp in December. The Yorkshire challenge badges need Scouts to camp during every month of the year (and also undertake a range of challenges).

Morgan & Paul took the opportunity of camping while also volunteering at the North Yorkshire moors railway, where Morgan does his Duke of Edinburgh award volunteering.

Parents’ Italian meal

Following the practice sessions in November, the Explorers invited parents, plus the district commissioner & administrator, to be served with the finished product, complete with “silver” service. The parents paid a “hypothetical” amount for the meal and using some rough maths, we almost made a profit!

A thumbs up all round from the parents, and well done to the Explorers.

This counts towards the chef badge.


Laser quest & bowling

An end of year laser quest & 10 pin bowling session was held at Xscape, Castleford. We entered the world Jambowlree competition, which runs from December to May; fingers crossed we’ll do well.

Grace astounded everyone (herself included!) with 3 strikes in a row; apparently this is called a turkey. How appropriate at this time of year.

More shooting

Newer members of the E.S.U. who didn’t have chance to try small bore rifle shooting earlier in the year got the opportunity to try it out at Leeds Harehills club.

Thanks once again to Howard & Rob for organising another session.

This counts as a start towards the master at arms section of the physical recreation badge.