Well done (again)

Our 3 Explorers (Lucy, Morgan and Tom) who gained their Chief Scout’s platinum and Duke of Edinburgh’s bronze award badges earlier this year were presented with their certificates at the Central Yorkshire Scout county awards ceremony.

Morgan also took part in a presentation about his unit (28) attending the jamboree during the summer to an audience including the deputy Lord-lieutenant of West Yorkshire.



A team of 3, Johnnie, Elliott & Oscar B, entered the Fellandale challenge. It’s a 25 mile relay race from Skipton to Leeds, with 1 in a kayak and 2 on bikes, swapping over at checkpoints.

Well done on getting to the finish line when several teams didn’t make it.

Well done

Last night saw us at Hetchell wood to play a wide game then welcome another 7 Explorers who were invested. There was a backlog of activity and staged badges presented and a Yorkshire challenge bronze award.

We also saw Tom, Lucy & Morgan presented with their Duke of Edinburgh bronze awards and Chief Scout’s platinum awards; great effort & well done.

Off road cycling

A session was organised by one of the parents (thank you) at Leeds urban bike park so 16 of both sections of the unit enjoyed a sunny evening of coaching and riding a large area of trails.

Only a couple of tumbles and a broken rear wheel to report. Guess which one of the photos is the author’s favourite activity of the evening 🙂